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Brand Scientist – Brand Research Council (BRC) is committed to providing value-added programs to its members. The BRC members will get a lot of benefits from brand marketing knowledge. And BRC is known for its close-connect with its members, providing them with a platform to share their brand and branding views on current and future brand ideas and innovation.

Join Brand Scientist – Brand Research Council

BRC was founded to serve as India’s leading authority on branding. The Brand Research Council provides valuable tools for brands, retailers, and marketers in developing and implementing effective and lasting branding solutions.


If you become a member of the BRC, you’ll be getting lots of benefits from brand marketing knowledge. You’ll also get an opportunity to exchange your ideas and learn from other members.

  • Assist you in brand and branding activities and execution. 
  • Platform to interact with leaders of the Indian industry, brand managers, professors, faculties, and consultants.
  • Participate in programs, certification, awards, training sessions, and event programs.
  • Access to research papers, surveys, press releases, and newsletters.
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